Oct. 9, 2022

The Sirens & The Elephant

Outside my window the Aspen, Polar and Birch leaves are raining down like yellow snow. This year's transition from bright green to falling yellow was not more than three weeks in duration and it seems in these last few days all the trees compete to be the barest in the land.

It still feels like summer here. Blue sky, bright sun and only a breath of a breeze, just strong enough to sound a wind chime next door, it's metal ring so like a ship's bell. A flock of sparrows move from tree to tree and the rushed beating of their wings hides the distant drone of traffic for a moment. It is strangely quiet for the middle of the afternoon; no sirens for the past hour.

So frequent has the sound of emergency vehicles become that their absence is noticeable. For years I've lived in cities and in many instances quite close to ambulance and fire stations and up until a few months ago those stations could be quiet for most of a day. Since my return to Alberta at the beginning of 2021 I awake to the sound of sirens, I spend more time pulling over for emergency vehicles and a siren is usually the last thing I hear as I nod off to sleep at night.

This rise in tempo is not just my imagination. I would think better of that fact except that it means more people are really sick and some of those are dying.

According to the most recent Alberta Health Emergency Medical Services web site, the emergency response system came under heavy load in 2021 and the call volume continues to increase;
As AHS EMS continues to manage a sustained and significant increase in 911 calls, its implementation of all items in the EMS 10 Point Plan is helping to address these continued system pressures, creating capacity within the EMS system.

To meet the demand the province has hired 80 new paramedics this year and added 19 new ambulances. EMS web site describes some of the measures being taken;
Between January and September 26/22, AHS EMS has added 19 new ambulances in Calgary (9), and Edmonton (10). Additionally, extra hours of ambulance coverage were added in Okotoks and Chestermere in August.

New staff have also been hired to support the new ambulances: AHS has hired 40 new Primary Care Paramedics – 20 each in Calgary and Edmonton and this augments an additional 40 paramedic positions that AHS EMS hired in Calgary and Edmonton in the spring of 2022” (LINK), (LINK),

If it is not my imagination and the demand for emergency medical care is rising so quickly that in September of this year the province has had to double it's January budget, then who are all those people in need of help?

Most people who die in Alberta pass away in a hospital, care home or hospice so there is no need for an emergency response vehicle, plus Alberta no longer sends ambulances to non-injury traffic incidents. Even Edmonton Fire services are responding to more medical emergencies than they are fires or cats in trees.

Sadly this increase in health emergencies is not unique to Alberta and Saskatchewan EMS operators have been operating under unprecedented stress since the beginning of 2021. During an interview with Global News in August of this year, Mr. Troy Davies, public affairs director for Medavie Health Services revealed the severity of this increase when he said,
We had an increase of 5,000 emergency responses last year which is something we’ve never seen in our 43 years of history of serving Saskatoon and surrounding communities... Right now we’re trending to beat that number again this year unfortunately. You know, our ERs and our doctors are overwhelmed with what they’re seeing with patient numbers.”  (LINK),

If there is a silver lining for the province it is the sudden growth and expansion in the United States of Saskatchewan's ambulance manufacturer, Crestline Coach (LINK).

In March of this year the Ontario Ministry of Health increased its predicted expenditure on Population and Public Health from $1.5 Billion for 2020/2021 to $4.5 Billion for 2022 and has just added an additional $0.64 Billion to that. Part of that is a $29 million dollar expenditure on ambulance services for three areas to the east of Toronto. (LINK), (LINK),

CBC reports that Quebec's medical system was coping until the beginning of 2021 when things began to come off the rails, while similar pressure is being felt in the Atlantic provinces which have the most elderly demographic in Canada. Newfoundland is offering expat medical staff hiring bonus of $100 thousand to doctors and $50 thousand to nurses, hoping they might move back to the province and help out. (LINK), (LINK), (LINK),

It's not COVID that is continuing this upward trend in human suffering, it can't be; almost 90% of Canadians have received the COVID vaccine and it's 'safe and effective'.

In March of 2022, Health Canada statistics were showing that fully vaccinated individuals were statistically over four times more likely to be infected with Covid-19, 1.5 times more likely to be hospitalised with Covid-19, and twice as likely to die of Covid-19 than not-vaccinated individuals. (LINK).

In July they updated their statistics to show that 92% of Canadians dying 'with' COVID have received at least 1 mRNA injection, with 50% of those deaths among Canadians having received the third and fourth injection. (LINK),

Similarly, Alberta Government data shows that spikes in COVID detection are found to occur within weeks of the introduction of different phases of the mRNA vaccine and its boosters. Their statistics also show that COVID detection is at a higher rate today than it was at the end of 2020, prior to mRNA vaccine roll out. (LINK),

Vaccine status notwithstanding, Alberta sits at less than fifty cases reported per day and those are found at walk-in clinics, which means emergency response is not required.

I can see a pattern forming in the data and it is beginning to look rather like a large elephant, the presence of which everyone is ignoring or outright denying. Everyone that is except the provincial health authorities who are doubling their budgets and scrambling to hire new healthcare staff because they've realized the elephant is growing.

So badly do authorities want to hide the 'danger which cannot be named' that at this writing the leading cause of death in Alberta is not overdose, vehicular death or COVID; for the first time the leading cause of death is 'unknown.'  (LINK),

Yet some doctors in high places cannot be silent and I reference a 'Tweet' from just a few days ago by Florida's Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo who is warning that the mRNA injections are killing young men.

On October 07, he wrote;
Today, we released an analysis on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines the public needs to be aware of. This analysis showed an increased risk of cardiac-related death among men 18-39. FL will not be silent on the truth.” (Guidance: https://bit.ly/3ClKF5f Press Release: https://bit.ly/3T8bQH8)  (LINK),

Twitter immediately removed the announcement. Fortunately the public backlash against Twitter for this censorship caused the post to be re-instated but the elephant has been revealed; public mRNA warning has been disseminated and social media once again shows it has an agenda.

This past September a post was made by Canadian Dr. William Makis to 'Gettr', a less censorious platform (LINK), which brought to light the sudden and unexpected deaths of thirty two (32) Canadian doctors post vaccination over a period of 16 months. In July I wrote of four of those doctors dying within five days of each other, three in one Ontario hospital and all within days of receiving the fourth shot. (LINK),

Has the CBC or CTV or Global brought these deaths to your attention? Do the established social networks allow the posting of this news? No. That is odd considering those media platforms constantly report on Canada's severe shortage of medical staff. Why then is this tremendous loss of skill not newsworthy?

Should you research those doctors named at the link above a bit further you will find the cause of death for many of those doctors is 'unknown.'

There are now thousands of reports from around the world warning of the dangers, and questioning the risk and benefit equation of mRNA shots; far more than I could ever post. However I will leave you with a link to Pfizer's own test results which had to be forced out of them by the United States judicial system and you can try your hand at identifying the elephant; (LINK), (LINK),

Thank You and Good Hunting!

Additional Reading: Swiss child emergencies have increased by more than 50% (LINK)