Sep. 7, 2022

The Winter Of Our Discontent

At the top of this post are three photos combined. On the left is sitting President Biden making an unprecedented speech before a setting reminiscent of a Jewish temple and/or the best tyrannically evil back-drop ever used by a dystopian movie set. There is a lot of imagery to take in, from the blood red lighting to the soldiers in the background and even to the absence of an American flag.

Top right is a young man quietly expressing his beliefs while a sick white woman tries to push his buttons through hate. I am going to guess that the sick white woman voted for Biden. Of course the image at the bottom right needs no explanation and this is what this post is all about; the America which hundreds of thousands of men and women have died defending in so many ways against so many enemies within and without.

I'm not an American but much of my family reside in the United States and some of my working life has been spent there. I don't agree with American government actions or policy all of the time but still I respect the blood, sweat and tears which have gone into making the nation what it 'was'.

Which is why I take great exception to the actions of the Democrat party and its supporters who not only destroy the future for all Americans through their many 'gender' and 'green' agendas but who now outright threaten Americans who did not and will not vote for them.

During his speech Biden gave his best dictator impression while raging on about how dangerous Republicans are to his version of 'democracy' with lines like;
MAGA Republicans” are “a clear and present danger to our democracy.
MAGA Republicans embrace anger, thrive on chaos, live in the shadow of lies,
History tells us a blind loyalty to a single leader has failed democracy,
(LINK), (LINK), (Video LINK),

If Biden's rant wasn't a call to arms for Republicans then today's tweet by Democrat Kathy Griffin surely is;
If you don’t want a Civil War, vote for Democrats in November. If you do want Civil War, vote Republican” (LINK), (LINK),

Who the heck is Kathy Griffin? She is a self described author, actor and comedienne who could be the next leader of the Ukraine if they lose their own current comedian in chief. Ms. Griffin is infamous for a photo she published of her holding the bloody, decapitated head of Donald Trump, a stunt that got her investigated for hate crimes and threatening the President. Otherwise she is of no significance other than as a Biden mouth-piece but apparently she believes herself to be influential, especially among Democrats who don't understand comedy. (LINK),

And no, it's not just a few brain-dead Democrats who are openly threatening anyone who does not agree with their agenda. Communications networks, television talk show hosts and even the White House Press Secretary believe that their way is the only way and if you don't agree then that means war.

MSNBC, the illegitimate child of the Microsoft Corporation and the National Broadcasting Corporation says that 'democracy' in the United States is at war. It is at war with Republicans.  (LINK) MSNBC host Tiffany Cross states that,
Obviously, Republicans are, I think, the biggest threat to democracy. We don’t separate right-wing extremists and Republican Party anymore.”  (LINK),

Oddly (but not for Democrats or Liberals) Cross is blaming Republicans for the anger and rancour that is tearing at the fabric of America when she says that, “mainstream, establishment Republicans are echoing these calls for violence. All but threatening it.

One of her talk show guests, Roland Martin said of Republicans,
We are at war with these people. These folks are evil.
They have allowed evil into their house with Donald Trump. He has now dominated the party. This evil is spreading. And when you are in a war footing, you have to respond accordingly,
When the enemy is coming at you, you can’t fall down, you can’t break down. This means war,

Martin continued his projections by stating that,
It’s about time President Joe Biden decided to get tough. It’s about time his advisers stopped being weak, and stopped being impotent, and not fighting back.
You keep hitting! You keep pounding,” Martin proclaimed, further labelling conservatives (Republican and Independent) as “crazed, deranged folks who want to import evil in every facet of our society.” (LINK),

Democrats remind me of a spoiled child who breaks a window and then loudly blames anyone else around for the damage. However what is happening in America today is not child's play and the last time anyone threatened patriotic Americans this way it was the British in 1775 and you know how that turned out.

It is hard to say what will come of all these threats and rattling of sabres by the Democrats. They are scared. They know that they are in power by questionable means and realize that they must use threats and violence to retain that power. I am not a fan of Donald Trump for many reasons but I am less of a fan of anyone calling themselves Democrats or Liberals, especially when they threaten outright violence against their fellow Americans.

As a Canadian I can empathize with Republicans and Independents south of the border because we are facing the same unprecedented rancour and threats from our own Prime Minister, his MP's and supporters. Will Canada face a civil war? I have a hard time imagining the latte-sipping Easterners triumphing over the hard-bitten populations of Alberta, Saskatchewan and much of Manitoba.

I have an even harder time with the idea that Canadian soldiers would fire on Canadian citizens but hired thugs in official outfits have no problem with that. Ontario and Eastern police forces showed this to be true while trampling peaceful, unarmed protesters in Ottawa which tells me they lack the balls to face angry, armed Westerners. Turdeau will have to call in his friends the Communist Chinese and United Nations to do his dirty work in the future but we are ready for that.

Pray for the people of North America because we are being led towards social unrest. We are being divided on purpose because it is easier to control a divided population than one which has a common goal. Direct your anger at those who cling to power through threats, coercion and lies because that is the only way our populations North and South of the 49th will survive these next few years.

Direct your anger at those who would demand control of your children and your body. Direct your anger at those who control the food, the fuel and the currency because they have weaponized these most essential things against you and they will not let up until you join them or perish.

Together we stand under God against a rainbow-clad evil that is rapidly growing in power, a power given them by people in North America who either don't understand what is happening around them or who are all too willing to see their fellow human perish because their beliefs are different.

May the strength of God be with you always.