Aug. 6, 2022

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban at CPAC 2022 - Part 2

Continued from Part 1,

Let’s be honest: the most evil things in modern history were carried out by people who hated Christianity. Don’t be afraid to call your enemies by their name. You can play it safe, but they will never show mercy. Consider for example George Soros, as you call him here. In Hungary, we call him: Gyuri bácsi, which means Uncle Georgie. The wealthiest and one of the most talented Hungarians on Earth! Just a hint: Be careful with talented Hungarians! I know George Soros very well. He is my opponent. He believes in none of the things that we do. And he has an army at his service: money, NGOs, universities, research institutions and half the bureaucracy in Brussels. He uses this army to force his will on his opponents, like us Hungarians. He thinks that values dear to all of us led to the horrors of the twentieth century. But the case is exactly the opposite. Our values save us from repeating history’s mistakes. The horrors of Nazism and Communism happened because some Western States in continental Europe abandoned their Christian values. And today’s progressives are planning to do the same. They want to give up on western values, and create a New World, a Post Western World. Who is going to stop them if we don’t?

Dear Friends,

I have also learned that in order to win, it is not enough to know what you are fighting for. You also have to know how you should fight. My answer is: Play by your own rules! But how do you do that? It is as simple as it sounds. You must play to win. ‘You cannot expect victory and plan for defeat.’ You have to believe that you are better than your left-liberal opponents are. And don’t care what the liberals say! They always say you will lose. They say it cannot be done.

You just have to prove them wrong. But there is one thing I have learned. We cannot fight successfully by liberal means because our opponents use liberal institutions, concept, and language to disguise their Marxist and hegemonist plans.

Politics, my Friends, are not enough – this war is a culture war. We have to revitalize our churches, our families, our universities and our community institutions. Hungary is an old, proud but David-sized nation standing alone against the Woke Globalist Goliath. We invite the solidarity of the American conservatives. They are in total attack, so we need a total defence. You have to be brave. If you feel fear, you have a job to do. The only thing we Hungarians can show you is how to fight back by our own rules. Let me give you a couple of examples.

On migration, Ladies and Gentlemen, we were the first ones in Europe who said no to illegal migration, and stopped the invasion of illegal migrants. We believe that stopping illegal immigration is necessary to protect our nation. We in Hungary decided to ask the people, whether they want illegal migration or not. We held a referendum. Hungarian people decided, they don’t want migration. So they don’t want to play by the rules of the progressives. They rejected the false claim that migrants cannot be stopped, and forced us leaders to act. And we stopped illegal migration. We have actually built that wall! And it stopped illegal migration. As Tucker Carlson said, when he visited us: “It is not a high-tech wall but guarded by people who love their country.” And the border protection system works!

During the great migration crisis in 2015, 400 thousand illegal migrants came to our borders.

This is almost three times as much as Genghis Khan had when he invaded Europe. After we built the wall, we managed to reduce illegal migration to zero. This year, we have already suffered 160 thousand illegal border crossing attempts. 160 thousand illegal border crossing attempts. So, we at the Hungarian borders catch every illegal migrant and escort them back to the other side of the border. The rule is simple: you can apply for asylum at our Embassies, but if you try to come to Hungary illegally you will never ever make it! Even though we are under pressure not only from the South, but also from the eggheads of the European Union as well. Yes, this is the case, my Friends! They want us to give up our zero-migration policy, because they also know that this is the decisive and final battle of the future. But the future is the most important thing we can give to our children and our grandchildren. So in Hungary we will never surrender!

Dear Friends,

Let’s move on to family policy, which is the heart of our politics. Progressives claim all over the world that families should not be protected. In Europe they say there is no such thing as family, because love is love and family is family. If you cannot define family, nothing is a family. And they say that western families are the places where the oppression of the so-called patriarchy begins. But in the case of family policy, in Hungary we again played by our own rules. We know that family is the place to transfer the values of parents to a next generation. If traditional families are gone, there is nothing that can save the West from going under. Therefore, last year in Hungary we spent more than 6 per cent of our GDP on family policy. All subsidies are already available to families following conception. Families automatically get tax breaks, the state takes over your student loans after your third child. Women are exempt from paying personal income tax for life after the birth of their fourth child. And we are fighting to extend the same zero tax policy for mothers with three children. So, if you are not married yet, you should immediately find a Hungarian wife! In the last 10 years, Ladies and Gentlemen, the number of marriages has doubled, and the number of abortions has halved in Hungary. It’s not a bad start.

Dear Friends,

In Hungary we had to build not just a physical wall on our borders and a financial wall around our families, but a legal wall around our children to protect them from the gender ideology that targets them. Let’s be clear. They think that parents should follow the progressive way of parenting. If they refuse to do so, they should be forced by the state. We Hungarians know this old communist trick and we reject it! Hungarian people rejected sexual orientation programs in schools without parental consent at a referendum again. Never before has there been a referendum in the long history of Hungary where such a huge majority of people said no to gender or anything!

Now the Hungarian Constitution protects families and children. Let me quote a few sentences from our Fundamental Law. Our Constitution reads: “The family and the nation constitute the principal framework of our coexistence.” “Hungarian state institutions are obliged to protect the Christian culture of Hungary.” “Hungary shall protect the institution of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.” “Family ties shall be based on marriage or the relationship between parents and children.” To sum up: the mother is a woman, the father is a man, and leave our kids alone. Full stop! End of discussion!

Dear Friends,

Another factor of our success is that my government is devoted to Law and Order without compromise. We decided we don’t need more genders; we need more rangers. Less drag queens, and more Chuck Norris. We believe there is no freedom without order. If there is no order, you get chaos. In Hungary, Law Enforcement Agencies are not peoples’ enemies. They are the guardians of freedom. Therefore law should not protect criminals, but protect the victims and those who are defending the law. Police should be well respected. So Hungary is the safest country in Europe. Actually, Budapest is among the very few European capitals, where you can walk around safely even in night-time. In Hungary you will only hear: “more funds to the Police!”

And finally, a few remarks on taxation, dear Friends,

Progressives always want your money: they love higher taxes. We believe that people should have their money in their own hands. To this end, we introduced a flat tax on personal income, which is currently 15 per cent. In just 10 years-time we reduced the tax wedge by 10 per cent, which was the biggest tax cut in Europe. We have the lowest corporate income tax in Europe, which is a flat 9 per cent. With this low corporate income tax last year, we had a 27 per cent investment rate, which was among the best in Europe. Just recently we came under fire again when we went against the Global Minimum Tax initiative. All European countries surrendered. Hungary is the last man standing. But the empire always strikes back. The current U.S. administration decided to terminate the tax treaty between Hungary and the United States. Which was probably the best tax deal ever negotiated. It was good for U.S. investors. There are 1.700 U.S. companies operating in Hungary. I think it was indeed the revenge of the Left. Because the U.S. Treasury somehow forgot that they have a very similar treaty with Russia. But not with Hungary anymore. Funny, isn’t it?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Finally, we need to talk about the war. Ukraine is our neighbour. We are in full solidarity with them. The attack of Russia against Ukraine has forced close to 1 million refugees to Hungary so far. Currently, more than 10 thousand refugees every day. The majority of these refugees ventures further into Europe, but one million people entering a country of 10 million is a lot. In my view, the globalist leaders’ strategy escalates and prolongs war and decreases the chance of peace. Without American-Russian talks there will never be peace in Ukraine. More and more people will die and suffer, and our economies will come to the brink of collapse. I cannot tell you what to do; it is your sovereign decision. I can however tell you one thing: only strong leaders are able to make peace. We in the neighbourhood of Ukraine are desperately in need of strong leaders, who are capable of negotiating a peace deal. Mayday, mayday! Please help us! We need a strong America with a strong leader.

Dear Friends,

I think I’ve provoked you long enough. So before Matt Schlapp takes my microphone away, let’s come to a conclusion. The world has several great nations, but none with the power and influence of the United States. For better or for worse, the world looks to you for the future. And the future of the West is in grave doubt. We in the West have not faced a crisis like this for a long time. The ideological wars of the twentieth century – against the totalitarian powers of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union – were terrible, but democratic West rallied, and defeated them both. Now the West is at war with itself. We have seen what future the globalist ruling class has to offer. But we have a different future in mind. The globalists can all go to Hell; I have come to Texas!

So, we must take up the fight. Victory will never be found by taking the path of least resistance. We must take back the institutions in Washington and in Brussels. We must find friends and allies in one another. We must coordinate the movement of our troops, because we face the same challenge. You have midterm elections this year. Then presidential and congressional elections in 2024. And we will have elections in the European Parliament the same year. These two locations will define the two fronts in the battle being fought for western civilization. Today we hold neither of them. Yet we need both. We have two years to get ready. I have to tell it won’t be easy. But don’t be afraid; just believe in Saint John Paul, the Polish pope’s teaching: ‘There is no enemy that Christ has not already defeated.’ So let’s go out and do it!

God bless Texas! God bless our friendship! Good luck and goodbye!

I don't know that we have an effective 'right' mentality in Canadian politics today. Our 'left' is certainly in control and without opposition.

I wonder what will become of us/we/them/they

Thank You,