So enjoyable was my first stay in this part of the Ram River Valley that I decided to return.  This spot on the Forestry Trunk Road, Hwy 40 is 340 Km one way from Edmonton and so it is worth staying for as long as you can once you get there.

I was becoming hesitant to leave again only two days after returning from Trip 1 but when the weather warnings for Edmonton began to come in Thursday morning, I filled my water jug and hit the highway.


This presentation is a different format from the picture page used to display Trip #1 because here I can upload video, with sound, as you will find below.

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Westbound, Highway 11, July 07, 2022

All Set Up In The Sun! - Ram River, July 07, 2022

For much of the three and a half days there, I was completely alone in the Valley which is wonderful for exploring and wandering around in my shorts but a reason for caution too.  There is no cellular reception there and the nearest civilization is more than 30 Km away.

Fortunately the worst thing that happened this trip is sun-burn on bare skin that had forgotten what the sun felt like.

High Plains Scrub - Ram River Valley, July 09, 2022

Ancient River Bank - River is half a kilometer away along the distant tree line. Ram River Valley, July 08, 2022

Ram River Flow - July 01, 2022

It is amazing how much of the Valley the river can fill at times.  In the spring months the river can inundate many square kilometres of land, ripping up trees, washing out trails and burying wide areas in several feet of mud and stones.  Over the years the river course has changed and the land that has emerged is a mixture of 'high plains scrub' and a water-logged wilderness criss-crossed by streams that erupt out of the ground.

A Trail Through The Marshland - Ram River, July 08, 2022

A Babbling Brook Sprung From The Ground - Ram River, July 08, 2022

At The End Of The Trail, A Babbling Brook Emerges From The Ground - Ram River, July 08, 2022

Ram River July 08, 2022

Me, Happy To Be Outside - Ram River, July 08, 2022

There are bear, deer and horses in the Valley, along with the usual squirrels, chipmunks and 'camp robbers' that are always happy to see a new camper.  Fortunately the bear stay up along the Valley ridges but their tracks can be found in fresh mud along the river bank so extra precautions are taken when caching food and gear.

And The Sasquatch.  Yes, the Valley is home to the mysterious 'First Man', which means it is also home to various Sasquatch hunters!

Although I did not see any Sasquatch or horses in the flesh this trip, I did find horse tracks and droppings.  In this unique mountainous valley environment, horse poo grows some interesting fungi...

We are so very fortunate to live in this part of the world and I am so very fortunate to be able to experience its beauty in all its forms.

I cannot wait to explore other parts of the Rockies but my travel budget has been blown out the window already this month, so it's going to be a couple of weeks.  That leaves me plenty of time to figure out the next interesting place to pitch a tent.

Thank You!


Packed Up, Heading North-East, Looking Forward To A Shower (and a real toilet...) July 10, 2022

This Is A Shot Of My Rainy Camp On Mount 7, Golden, B.C., July 03, 2022
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