Feb. 11, 2022

Media Maleficence

At this writing less than half of the worlds viewing and reading public trust 'legacy media' (LINK), (LINK),
In some cases the trust level has fallen below 30%

CNN, REUTERS, API, GUARDIAN, CBC, CNBC, YAHOO, TIME, GOOGLE, FOX, CTV, POPULAR SCIENCE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, GLOBAL, BBC, RT, Al Jazeera, and any television or print media presented to the public in more than 110 nations around the world may have at one time in their existence offered balanced views of global events, but the 'pandemic' has shown audiences just how out of touch with reality they have now become.

Yet it goes beyond being 'out of touch' and in far too many cases the media are actively manipulating public perception by outright lies; lies which benefit those governments and industries funding and controlling the media. At this (LINK), is an excellent article about a conflict of interest existing between Pfizer and REUTERS news agency, where REUTERS is acting as 'fact checker' for vaccine related news but the news agency's director is also a director on the board of Pfizer.  

Many examples exist of how media are distorting the protests in Canada at the behest of the Canadian government (LINK), but Canada is only the most recent example of supposedly 'independent' media working directly for government and big business.

Here are a couple of glaring examples from the past week or two beginning with a publication from the Government of South Dakota who have become victim of CNN media;

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem responded to a false CNN report claiming that hospitalizations are “surging” in Pennington County. The report, which aired on February 8, 2022, also shamed attendees of the Black Hills Stock Show and violated HIPAA by improperly including footage of patients.

“South Dakotans deserve the facts so that they can make the best decisions for themselves and their loved-ones. Unfortunately, CNN’s claims about COVID-19 in Pennington County were not factual,” said Governor Noem. “This political hit job ignored the mountains of factual data that we sent to them. We are demanding a correction.”

“A six-hour visit by CNN was summarized inaccurately in the story referenced. The quotes pulled were taken out of context to support a narrative that simply is not true,” said Robin Zebroski, Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Communications at Monument Health. “Monument Health has seen a steady decline in COVID-19 hospitalizations in recent weeks, and the overall testing positivity rate has gone down as well. We strongly support Governor Noem and are disappointed by the CNN report.

A second example comes from Great Britain and their publication 'The Independent' in its Headline for January 26, 2022 which reads:
Anti-vax Olympic gold medalist Szilveszter Csollany dies of Covid, aged 51

That headline reinforces the thought that 'anti-vaxx' means death, doesn't it? Yet several lines into the article one reads that;
While Csollany had, according to [Hungarian newspaper Blikk], expressed anti-vaccination views on social media, the six-time World Championship medallist had been vaccinated to allow him to continue to work as a gymnastics coach “ (LINK),

Although the article does go on to say that he was injected only a short time before he died, the paper never bothers to consider a connection between the injection and his death. It does not advance or try to eliminate the apparent correlation, it just ignores the thought.

As Kit Knightly, a writer and media critic put it, the headline is not only misleading but the wording used throughout the article is akin to psychological manipulation (LINK);
But really, the worst aspect of this black-hole of integrity is not the deliberately misleading headline, or the lack of even the most basic journalistic ethics, it is deeper than that. There is an unspoken message concealed within the tone of the writing, and a shifting of linguistic definitions that comes with it.

The implied thought buried in the text is that, even though he was vaccinated, his alleged doubts mean he was still an “anti-vaxxer” and therefore deserved to die. That he brought the Covid curse down upon his head through his expressing anti-vaccination views.

As if he called down God’s wrath through speaking heresy

When yours truly was growing up I was lead to believe that only totalitarian, communist countries manipulated information, controlled the media and lied to their people and the world. I and millions of others were told that our 'western' media was the pinnacle of truth and the defender of the people against the corruption of government and big business.

What a crock. I must keep reminding myself that legacy media around the world is a business with share-holders and the expectation of continuous financial growth. To read a news magazine, open a paper or watch television today is to be immersed in hypocrisy, projection and manipulation at the highest levels intended to deceive the public and push them to thoughts and beliefs they would not normally hold. Indeed those who are responsible for what appears on the screen and in print care not for the 'truth' because their incomes and careers depend on subverting it.

At this (LINK), you will find a few of the grander lies told by legacy media in just 2021

Recently in an attempt to deflect from these claims, FORBES and the New York Times have published articles intended to dissuade the reader from believing anything that is NOT printed in their pages or that is not handed down from experts 'on-high'.

The FORBES article comes straight to the point in their headline; "You Must Not ‘Do Your Own Research’ When It Comes To Science" (LINK), while the equally insulting NYT article is titled “Don't Go Down The Rabbit Hole” (LINK), which the NYT have removed from their site presumably because it was so popular...

Both of these articles and the many which have appeared since then suggests that people are not smart enough to make up their own minds and come to their own conclusions about world events, or how their own lives should be run.

At this (LINK) you will find a tongue in cheek presentation on why you should NOT think for yourself.

Since legacy media in general have become hostage to money and power, where do you go for accuracy in reporting on world events? Look to the header image of this post (LINK),
In it you will find a somewhat reliable guide to who is eating from the government/industry table and who is not. This does not mean that those most distant from this influence are 100% accurate or lack a bias of their own but by reading them you will discover facets of important stories which would not otherwise see the light of day.

Thank You and good hunting!

Post script: I don't like being pissed on and told it's only raining. This post is a continuation of observations on 'legacy' media begun in the posts, 'Critical Thought' (LINK), 'A View From Israel' (LINK), 'This Revolution Will Not Be Televised' (LINK), and 'Hypocrisy And Projection As An Art Form' (LINK)