Jan. 10, 2022

Enemy In My Own Land

If there was ever a time to dis-own the Canadian Medical System, Media and Government it is today amidst their on-going push to control and kill Canadians

Of the many criminal actions taken by these interlinked institutions very few come close to the murder they are committing by demonizing and refusing the supply of life-saving medication to Canadians.

I am speaking of Ivermectin; an inexpensive, well-known anti-viral drug that has recorded one (1) incident of harm in a decade of North American clinical trials (see Ivermectin description, below for details), but has shown in tests and application around the world to be indispensable as a prophylactic against, and a treatment for 'covid' and its 'deviants'.

What is Ivermectin?
I will let people with far more experience and knowledge of the topic speak in the following few paragraphs. Links to the authors and sources are provided at the end of each section;

In the late 1960s, Satoshi Ōmura, a microbiologist at Tokyo’s Kitasako Institute, was hunting for new antibacterial compounds and started to collect thousands of soil samples from around Japan. He cultured bacteria from the samples, screened the cultures for medicinal potential, and sent them 10,000 km away to Merck Research Labs in New Jersey, where his collaborator, William Campbell, tested their effect against parasitic worms affecting livestock and other animals.

One culture, derived from a soil sample collected near a golf course southwest of Tokyo, was remarkably effective against worms. The bacterium in the culture was a new species, and was baptised Streptomyces avermictilis. The active component, named avermectin, was chemically modified to increase its activity and its safety. The new compound, called ivermectin, was commercialised as a product for animal health in 1981 and soon became a top-selling veterinary drug in the world. Remarkably, despite decades of searching, S. avermictilis remains the only source of avermectin ever found. (LINK)

During early 1980s, scientists at Merck Laboratories introduced avermectins in the chemotherapy of roundworm infections of humans and animals. The avermectins are structurally interrelated macrolide lactone antibiotics produced by the actinomycete Streptomyces avermitilis

Eight such avermectins have been isolated and characterised. Ivermectin , a mixture of two avermectins containing at least 80% of 22,23-dihydroavermectin B1a and less then 20% of 22,23-dihydroavermectin B1b, was found to be the most active and, therefore, was chosen for detailed biological evaluations in humans and domestic animals. The other avermectin of interest is abamectin which contains at least 80% of avermectin B1a and not more than 20% of avermectin B1b.

Of these two, ivermectin has emerged as the most powerful veterinary antiparasitic drug and agricultural pesticide. It has been found to have high activity against lymphatic filariasis and river blindness in humans. (LINK)

In 2015, the Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine, in its only award for treatments of infectious diseases since six decades prior, honoured the discovery of ivermectin (IVM), a multifaceted drug deployed against some of the world’s most devastating tropical diseases.

Since March 2020, when IVM was first used against a new global scourge, COVID-19, more than 20 randomized clinical trials (RCTs) have tracked such inpatient and outpatient treatments. Six of seven meta-analyses of IVM treatment RCTs reporting in 2021 found notable reductions in COVID-19 fatalities, with a mean 31% relative risk of mortality vs. controls.

During mass IVM treatments in Peru, excess deaths fell by a mean of 74% over 30 days in its ten states with the most extensive treatments. Reductions in deaths correlated with the extent of IVM distributions in all 25 states. Sharp reductions in morbidity using IVM were also observed in two animal models of SARS-CoV2 and a related betacoronovirus.

The indicated biological mechanism of IVM, competitive binding with SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, is likely non-epitope specific, possibly yielding full efficacy against emerging viral mutant strains. (LINK)

I will let the American National Institute of Health describe conditions around the single recorded incident of harm during trials:
“Single dose therapy with ivermectin has been associated with a low rate of serum aminotransferase elevations. A single case of clinically apparent liver injury has been reported after ivermectin use . The onset of injury occurred 1 month after a single dose and was characterized by a hepatocellular pattern of serum enzyme elevations without jaundice. Recovery was rapid and complete.

In trials of ivermectin to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection and to ameliorate the course of early as well as severe COVID-19, serum aminotransferase elevations were not uncommon but were no more frequent among patients receiving ivermectin than among those receiving placebo or a comparator drug.” (LINK)

How Canada Views Ivermectin
According to the CBC and a spokesperson for the Ontario's medical system, Dr. Gerald Evans, an infectious disease specialist at Queen's University in Kingston, Ont., early studies indicated it was a possible treatment for COVID-19.

"That was based on the fact that in a test tube, it seemed to have some activity. But what we found out since then is that many of these observations, many of the trials, were done very poorly. In fact, some of them were retracted as being false, and so they were pulled out of the published literature.

When you look at an analysis of all the remaining things that are there, there is absolutely no indication that ivermectin is an effective treatment for COVID, that would prevent you from getting into hospital or from dying of COVID. It just doesn't work."

What people are then doing is they're purchasing the formulation that's used in animals. Those are dose adjusted for large animals like horses or cows.

If you're taking that, there's a serious likelihood that you will get a very major side effect from the medication. You could even find yourself ... poisoning yourself."

It's better to really try and go to people who have the right knowledge and are going to give you information that's objective, and not trying to somehow benefit them in any way

How The World Views Ivermectin
As of January 2022 the following countries are using Ivermectin in clinical and home settings for the prevention and treatment of 'covid';
Argentina, Bangladesh, Belize, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil (some states), Bulgaria, Cambodia, Colombia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, Guatamala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Iran, Jamaica, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Northern Macedonia, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Slovakia, South Africa, Thailand, U.S.A.(some states), Ukraine, Venezuela, Zimbabwe

Why are these nations using and benefiting from Ivermectin but Canada cannot? Because their on-going studies demonstrate that the Ivermectin distribution campaigns repeatedly lead to "rapid population-wide decreases in morbidity and mortality. Because most of their government, medical and pharmaceutical personnel are not benefiting financially from their ignoring their own test results. (LINK)

How did India, the most populous country on Earth become a believer in the efficacy of Ivermectin? They conducted country-wide testing on Millions of people and the results made them just as angry as I am at this writing.

So angry are the Indians at being lied to by the CDC about Ivermectin that “...the Indian Bar Association (IBA) sued WHO Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan on May 25, 2021 accusing her in a 71-point brief of causing the deaths of Indian citizens by misleading them about Ivermectin. (LINK) (LINK)

Among the most prominent examples include the Ivermectin areas of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Goa where cases dropped 98%, 97%, 94%, and 86%, respectively.

By contrast, Tamil Nadu opted out of Ivermectin. As a result, their cases skyrocketed and rose to the highest in India. Tamil Nadu deaths increased ten-fold.

Their new cases rose from 10,986 to 36,184 . Not only did Tamil Nadu's cases rise to the highest in India, but their deaths skyrocketed from 48 on April 20 to 474 on May 27. Meanwhile, Delhi's deaths in the same test period fell from 277 to 117

In a test of over 4000 people in India (3000+ took Ivermectin) and over 1000 did not. The results were that 2% Ivermectin takers had PCR test confirmed COVID and 11.7% non-takers had PCR test confirmed COVID. The people were given two 21 mg doses of Ivermectin. This costs less than 1 penny per person

However, according to Mr. Gerald Evans and a host of other experts quoted in the media, none of this is true.

Mr. Evans maintains that; “...the testing above was based on the fact that in a test tube, it seemed to have some activity. But what we found out since then is that many of these observations, many of the trials, were done very poorly. In fact, some of them were retracted as being false, and so they were pulled out of the published literature

Mr Pablo Rougerie, editor of a non-profit, fact checking site has a similar opinion in that the results produced by the testing in India could not possibly be correct for reasons of poor reporting and bad methodology. (LINK)

Mr. Evans, Mr. Rougerie and others are only questioning the results from India's tests because those results have become very high profile in the news and internet. No experts that I can find are questioning the extensive work of Japan, Peru, South Africa, Germany or any other nation, even though those nations have experienced results similar to India's and have adopted Ivermectin to varying degrees as a result.

With respect to testing and results being 'retracted' as noted by Mr.. Evans, he might want to contact those nations which have adopted Ivermectin use subsequent to their own bad methodology and poor reporting and have them withdraw their findings.

Similarly he may want to contact the U.S. National Institute Of Health and have them retract this study on the effectiveness of Ivermectin in saving lives of 'covid' patients (LINK)

Mr. Evans also needs to address this document published in the American Journal Of Theraputics where “a focus of the manuscript was on the 27 controlled trials available in January 2021, 15 of which were randomized controlled trials (RCT's), the preferred trial of the World Health Organization, U.S. National Institutes of Health, and the European Medicines Agency.

Consistent with numerous meta-analyses of Ivermectin RCT's since published by expert panels from the UK, Italy, Spain, and Japan, they found large, statistically significant reduction in mortality, time to recovery and viral clearance in COVID-19 patients treated with Ivermectin.” (LINK)
Continued in part B (LINK)