Jan. 7, 2022

Enemy In My Own Land

It has been an eye-opening three years for me and I would like to share some of the adventure with you because it parallels the introduction of a 'novel virus' to the world and its fallout in which we are now living. This first post speaks of my time in the Canadian health system as the 'virus' was being introduced to the world

In early 2020 when the 'novel virus' hit the news I was acting as a care giver to an elder family member in Eastern Canada. Because of the needs of my 'patient' and the disruptions created by the 'virus', I became intimately familiar with the operation of several hospitals and medical facilities in Southern Ontario. It is during this time that I became aware that what was broadcast on the television when I got home was in complete contradiction to what I was living through during the days.

Although my elderly patient did not have the 'virus', immediately upon the 'virus protocols' being established by the government and medical system, she was placed in the 'Covid' ward of a large, new hospital. This apparent attempt to have her contract this new 'virus' made me realize that 'health' was not the first priority of the medical system, but new and more damning evidence was soon to follow.

Canadian news outlets began reporting on a shortage of beds due to the killer virus felling people left and right, so hospitals of all sizes began setting up 'triage' tents to handle the overflow of sick and dying that were sure to arrive. While those stories were hitting the news, I was wandering the relatively deserted hallways of some of Ontario's largest medical facilities. Through a window at the end of one quiet, empty hallway in a 'Covid' ward I could see the massive tent structure being erected for that particular hospital, complete with two hundred beds and oxygen bottles and intravenous bag stands.

There was never a situation where the tents in the area I covered saw the sick and dying and by the end of the summer, most had quietly been taken down. Those remaining were turned into 'vaccine' stations as the roll-out began.

As the weeks wore on into the summer of 2020, movement within the hospitals became severely restricted, visitation rights were removed, names had to be checked at doorways, statements of health had to be filled out before services could be rendered or facilities visited. Many elderly people died alone because hospital administration would not allow family into the buildings. Yet behind large doors and out of view of the public now barred from entering, the hospitals remained hauntingly quiet

By the summer of 2020 public fear had been whipped into a frenzy and fights were breaking out in shopping facilities between the mask-wearing and those who refused the fear campaign. Divisions in society were being exacerbated by the government and press.

As the triage tents were quietly disappearing from hospital parking lots an experimental 'vaccine' for this 'novel virus' appeared, then two and then a third untested solution became available, all being promoted as the only way to survive this 'pandemic'.

Neither my elderly charge nor I were willing to take the 'solution' even though we had both spent months exposed to the 'virus', in large part because of where the hospitals placed her. Neither of us suffered from our refusal to comply with increasing pressure to submit to the experimental shots and we were soon horribly aware that our decision was the correct one

Southern Ontario autumn brings cool weather and in the fall of 2020 the vaccine efforts were moved from the remaining tents into the empty lobbies and hallways of hospitals. As more and more people filled the foyer and lined up for their shot in the facility where my patient lay, I noticed that the hospital public address system, normally quiet was now alive with emergency calls. At least twice over a three hour period and some days five or six times during an eight hour day the hospital emergency team was rushed into the 'vaccine' area. In some instances as soon as the needle had been withdrawn the recipient fainted, went into convulsions or their heart stopped beating.

This went on for weeks until my elderly charge required more private hospice care and my time in the hospitals ended. Apparently events in the 'vaccine' area continue unabated to this day.

For two years the media have been awash with 'Covid' news and from my first-hand experience that news is nothing but predictions, assumptions and projections rather than actual events on the ground. To this day I take in news from Canadian, American, European, Asian and African major networks while at the same time staying in touch with people practicing various forms of medicine in several of those same places. Nothing has changed and in fact today's network 'news' is more out of touch with reality than it has ever been, supplying propaganda and fear-mongering rather than balanced information.

Yes there are the dead and dying but their numbers have not fallen outside of historical highs for influenza deaths; the same influenza which had all but disappeared from government charts between 2020 and 2021, seemingly replaced case for case with this novel virus. Spikes in increased mortality occurred in settings were the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions were housed with highly symptomatic carriers of a 'virus'; but we don't know exactly what virus was killing people because medical outlets around the world for the first time stopped checking for Influenza A and B in patients.

Because of what I have witnessed and learned since January of 2020, I feel it necessary to document 'Covid' information which media has decided not to share. Many people have, are and will die needlessly because they are following the siren call of public acceptance and this lemming-like behavior must stop or humanity will be forever changed.


Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
Mark Twain